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Copper Alloy Tile Centrifugal Casting for Bridge
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Product: Views:86Copper Alloy Tile Centrifugal Casting for Bridge 
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Copper alloy tile castings are high hardness and wear resistance.Copper has good formability and toughness at room temperature increasing the temperature steadily and reduces the strength properties of copper.By adding a small amount of elements such as beryllium, silicon, nickel, tin, zinc, chromium and silver, can improve the casting characteristics of copper. In the copper-based alloy, 14 kinds of alloying elements are used almost in the solid dissolving region. Most industrial alloys are monophasic and they do not show all-shaped changes during heating or cooling.

All copper alloys can be cast by centrifugal casting.Centrifugal casting is widely used to manufacture discs or rings for the gears and worm wheels,for insert for valves seat and flanges for pipe fitting.Thick-walled cylinders can also be cast, which can be used as pipes, but are usually divided into shorter lengths for bearings, seats, motor slip rings,etc.These are the main applications, but the method can be applied to other more or less symmetrical shapes.The process involves pouring the metal into a mold that is normally rotated at a relatively high speed. For unusual shapes or sizes, sand molds can be used. 

Copper alloy is the metal alloy that copper is as the main component.They are highly resistance against corrosion. The most famous traditional type is bronze, tin is an important additive.


1. Good castability and resistance to wear,it can cast from a few grams in weight to several tons.

2. Copper alloys are high tensile strength,compression, hardness, ductility and impact resistance and suitable for most applications.